What Does It Take To Become A TV Producer?

If you love TV and movies and want to be involved in making them, you may want to end up becoming a producer. However, becoming a producer isn't as easy as just calling yourself one. It takes time, work, and education. Having that experience and education under your belt will make it easier on you as your career goes on. 


You should go to a four-year college. While most colleges don't have a specific producer program, there are programs that you can take advantage of. Those programs include broadcasting or digital production. Many of those programs are in schools of fine arts or in journalism schools. While they may not be specifically about being a producer, the programs should have enough of a carry-over to help you in your future endeavors. Those programs should also give you a good understanding of what goes into making a television show or movie. 


There are a lot of things that you can do to get experience, even before you have graduated with your degree and are trying to break into the field. Those things include interning at local television stations. If you have a network affiliate station or a public broadcasting television station in your area, you can look into their intern opportunities. Intern positions are usually unpaid, but you can get practical experience that you wouldn't be able to otherwise get. 

If you are in a broadcasting or visual production program, you probably will be given the opportunity to work on student films or other projects. Work on all those projects that you can. Not only do you want to work on as many of those projects as possible, you want to make sure that you do as many different jobs on those projects as possible. Don't always just be the writer or the director. The more jobs you do, the better it looks on your resume when you are trying to get a job. It also gives you more knowledge of what every job in any production has to do. 

Something else you can do to get experience when you are in school is to actually create a television show for a public access channel. If you can show future employers a program that you created and aired for more than just a college program, you show that you have the determination necessary to put in all the work that a new television show takes.

If you love movies and television so much that you want to make your own, then you need to know what it's going to take to get there. Contact a media company,like BTheFuture Media, for more help.