It's Hauntingly Fun! 4 Tricks To Create The Perfect Haunted House

When Halloween rolls around, thoughts turn to haunted houses. If you're tired of the same old haunted houses, using the same old scare tactics, it's time to take things up a notch. Even if this is your first time creating a haunted house, you can still create a masterpiece of horror and fright. In fact, with a little bit of planning, the neighbors will be talking about your haunted house for years to come. Here are four simple tricks to creating the perfect haunted house.

Make Them Jump

When people go through a haunted house, they intend to be scared. In fact, they want to jump with fright. So, make them jump. To create the perfect haunted house, make sure there's something to make your visitors jump at every turn. Some things that make people jump include loud noises, scary sights, and touch. Something as simple as an air horn sounding at the same time as a door opens, will leave them trembling. Add a hand coming out and grabbing them as they pass by and your guests will be jumping out of their skin.

Aim High and Low

When you're planning your haunted house, don't stick to one level. You want fright to come your guests from every angle. Have a zombie clown crawling across the floor, as a decapitated head drops from the ceiling. Your guests won't know which way to look as they're walking through your haunted house.

Think Real Organs

If you want to scare your guests, don't use fake organs in your haunted house. Instead, contact the local butcher and pick up some real organs. When you set up your brain-eating zombies, have them dining on a cow's brain or heart. Don't forget to douse the organs in blood. You can make your own "blood" using Karo syrup and some food coloring. Pour a bottle of Karo syrup into a plastic bowl and add red food coloring. Mix well to create the perfect Halloween "blood."

Hit Them from Every Angle

When people walk through a haunted house, they expect sights and sounds to come from the same location. Add a new dimension to your haunted house by going for the element of surprise. Create a haunted house that has horrifying sounds coming from one side of the room, while killer clowns jump out at them from the opposite side.

If you want a haunted house that will put all the rest to shame, start planning now. Use the tips provided here to ensure your guests are frightened out of their minds.