Tips For Creating Engaging Content In Your Video Game Livestream

If you are a person that uses live streaming your video game prowess to make money, you likely want to be sure that your content is as engaging as possible in order to get more viewers and retain the viewers that you actually have. This means actively communicating and interacting with the people who are watching your stream. Here are some tips for creating engaging content in your video game livestream.

1. Offer Ways for Viewers to Visibly Interact With the Stream

The first thing that you want to do is offer ways for viewers to visibly interact with the stream. This means that you need to have ways for viewers to do something and then have it actually show up on in the stream. One example of this is offering viewers the chance to have you read a short note that they write out loud on the stream while you are in between games if they donate a certain amount of money to you. Set up a secure way for them to donate money, such as PayPal. This will allow users to continue watching the stream as they wait for their turn to have their note read.

2. Implement a Chat

Consider adding a chat room where everyone watching your stream can talk with one another. This will allow you to ensure that your fans are able to communicate with one another, making for a much more engaging activity. You want to have people actively doing something while you are playing video games in order to keep them interested and chatting with fellow fans is a good way to keep the focus on you while still doing this.

3. Let Your Viewers Vote

Finally, have your viewers vote on things. Many streaming sites offer video game broadcast voting that will allow you to collect votes on topics for a certain period of time and then tell you what category or response got the highest tally of votes. You can have your viewers vote on what character you should play in a game for a certain period of time each day. You can have them vote on what game you play, what color you have the text on the stream, what clothes you wear during the stream, what music you play, and any other aesthetic aspects of your stream.

For more info, talk to a company that offers video game broadcast voting.