How to Throw and Awesome Summer Bounce House Party

If your kids didn't get a chance to say goodbye to their schoolmates at the end of the year, maybe you have decided to let them invite some of their buddies for a summer party. You can make it the best party ever by arranging to rent bounce house inflatables.

Think of sending cute invitations that have a picture of a bounce house on the front and words like, Bounce Your Way To Summer Fun as the caption. On the inside of the invitation, remind the kids to wear swimsuits and to bring a towel. 

If you've never rented inflatable bounce houses, you might be very surprised at how affordable the rental is. The fact that the rental facility will set the houses up for you and then take them down at the end of the party just makes the rental even better. You can check out rental company's like Cool Cat Sites for details on that process. You can also be sure that the inflatable houses will be cleaned and totally disinfected. Be sure to share that information with the parents of the kids who will be coming to the party.

Renting more than one inflatable will mean that more kids can play at the same time. Plus, it will just add to the fun to have different styles to play on. Tell the agent at the rental facility how many kids will be coming to the party. He or she will have the experience to tell you how many inflatables to rent, allowing all of the kids to play without having to wait in line too long. 

Set the mood of the party with helium balloons set in strategic areas of your back or front yard. Designate a place for kids to leave their shoes and the towels they bring with them. Establish some simple safety rules like how many people can bounce at the same time.

Here are some suggestions of the kinds of bounce houses you might want to select.

  • Choose a jump house that has a basketball hoop, push through obstacles, a wall climb and a pretty steep slide. 
  • A bounce house that has a jumping area and a slide that delivers kids to a pool of water might be the kid's favorite. 
  • If the agent confirms that, think of renting two of those water-themed houses. 
  • Think of also renting inflatable bubbles that fit onto the kid's heads and go to about their waist. 
  • Those inflatable bubbles will be fun for some friendly bumping into each other. 

The party might inspire you to actually buy a bounce house inflatable. If you decide to do that, choose the one that was the most popular with the kids that came to the party.