Working With A Film Production Studio Could Help With Crafting Test Footage

Independent movies might be on the comeback. Streaming services and the return of the drive-ins help some smaller films reach audiences. How can an independent writer or director raise funds to complete a film? Test footage helps, and the footage must impress. Working with a professional film studio to produce five minutes of sample footage could work. Working with this kind of studio could help because the company may understand how to highlight the sales aspect. Test footage need not go into the final film, but it should impress a would-be investor. 

Choosing a Scene

The test footage scene should highlight one of the selling points. In a horror film, filming a five-minute sequence that reveals the monster or other antagonist could draw attention. A film production studio could help with making:

  • The Special Effects Look Good: The short footage might not need to be too elaborate, but any special effects and makeup has to look professional. A film production team likely has access to people who can handle minor special effects and make the finished result look acceptable.
  • The Lighting and Editing Appear Professional: Excessive shadows and a film people can't see won't likely get good reviews. A studio can have access to professional lighting equipment, which would help the cause. Additionally, a professional editing suite and accompanying editor who could enhance the dramatic impact through sequencing selections can help as well.
  • The Sound Come Across Well: Muffled sound makes it difficult to follow what's occurring. A poor post-production audio mix might sound "drowned out." The footage might require special audio effects dubbed into the scene. The entire audio presentation could come off a lot better when done in a professional studio.

Ultimately, the goal here involves making the finished footage look professional. Poorly done, amateurish footage could sink a writer or director's chances. Why not turn initial promotional aspects over to an established studio?

Cutting a Trailer

If the director shot footage for the film already, then the footage, combined with the new test footage, could go into a 30 or 60-second trailer. Trailers serve as a marketing enticement. The trailer reveals a premise and some plot points. Hopefully, it does so dynamically. A film production company might take the old and new footage and turn it into a compelling trailer.

Film production represents a collaborative process. Sometimes, an indie filmmaker may find it beneficial to turn to a production company for assistance. Producing valuable test footage might lead to a grand assist. Contact a film production studio for more information.