You Can Make Music On Your Home Computer! 5 Tips For Getting Started

If you have always dreamed of making your own music but thought you needed expensive equipment to record and mix it, you are in luck! Times have changed, and you no longer need a studio full of equipment. There are so many ways to make music with just your home computer! Here are some things that can help you get started:

Get A Sequencer: A sequencer is a software application that allows you to record and edit your own music.  Your sequencer is the first building block for your home recording setup, and by learning how to use it, you will learn what other pieces of equipment you need to create your own specific sound.

Invest in Good Quality Monitor Speakers: Once you have figured out how to use your sequencer, you are ready to add to your setup. In order to create music that sounds good when played on any system, it is important to hear your music through a good set of monitor speakers. Monitor speakers do not distort or balance the sound at all (the way hi-fi music systems do), so you are able to hear the details of the music you are making. Through monitor speakers, you can hear exactly what is going on in your music. If your music sounds good through the monitor speakers, you can be sure it will sound good when played through car stereos, home speaker systems, or any other kind of sound system.

Purchase Rap Beats: If you are interested in making rap music, you can purchase beats online. This is a great option for beginners because it allows you to focus on just your lyrics without having to worry about the beat itself. It also helps with writers block by giving you inspiration and new ideas. Buying beats online is convenient because you can take the beats in their digital form and import them to your sequencer, where you can mix them with your recorded lyrics and make your own song! Websites for purchasing beats, like Three P Beats, allow you to listen to samples, so you will know what you are getting and can choose the beats that excited you the most. Be sure to purchase beats from sites that have full licensing rights so you can use them in any way you choose in your original music.

Know How To Use Forums: For general advice (like what kind of equipment to buy) or artistic advice (how your music should sound) forums are a good place to get bad advice. For those questions it is better to find people you trust or who have expertise. However, if you have a specific question (how to get two specific pieces of equipment to sync) a forum is a great place to find your answer. No matter what your technical difficulty, there is someone who has had, and solved, the same problem before.

Experiment: When you are just starting making music at home, it is the perfect time to experiment with your equipment and your music. Don't be afraid to try all kinds of different sounds, or to use all of the different settings on your equipment. Only by trying new things will you be able to find a sound that is uniquely yours.