Prevent Boating Injuries And Accidental Drownings With These Safety Tips

The events surrounding the recent death of a man who fell overboard during rough weather at sea highlight the reality that boating involves a certain amount of risk for injury. While charting a boat or yacht is a great way to travel to beautiful islands or entertain business partners and clients, it's important to take steps to ensure everyone remains safe during the excursion. Here are a few tips for staying safe on the water.

Make Your Christmas Party Jolly: Hire An Events Coordinator

The annual holiday Christmas party is a big deal whether you are hosting family and friends, or if it is a work gathering. A successful holiday work party can boost morale, increase production, and encourage longevity. You should consider hiring a special events coordinator to help make your party a hit. Save Yourself Some Leg-work You don't have time to plan a party while you are at work, because you need to be working.