Making A Costume For Comic Con? 3 Clever Shortcuts That Will Make It Easier

What's the best part of going to Atlanta Comic Con? Well, you get to dress up, of course. If you've ever been to one of these conventions before, you know that people go all out when it comes to costume design. If you want to dress to impress this year, you have two options. You can either purchase a pre-made costume or make your own. If you want points for originality, the latter is your best option, but it can be overwhelming to make a costume from scratch if you can't sew. If you want to make your own costume, but are overwhelmed by the prospect, try these shortcuts. 

Scavenge for Pre-Made Items

Once you have your design in mind, look for all sorts of pre-made items that you can use to piece together your costume. This may include a T-shirt from your closet or a pair of your friend's gloves. You can also try to find key items at your local thrift store. The goal is to simplify as much of your costume as possible. If the bottom of your costume consists of black pants, there's no reason to sew pants. Just pick out a pair of black leggings and forget it. 

Use Fasteners and No-Sew Options Where Possible

If you don't know how to sew, don't worry about it. There are a lot of no-sew fasteners and options out there, such as fusible tape, metal fasteners, hook-and-loop fasteners and so on. Many of these options are super easy to apply. All you do is remove the backing and press the product into place. You can use these options for closures, seams, to create pleats and anything else you can think of. 

Use Forms and Molds If Possible

If you're making a mask or some sort of armor or plating, use molds and forms. For example, if you're making a mask, build your mask around a helmet so you can get the size and shape right. You can even take plaster molds of your body parts and use these as the starting point for your creations. 

There are numerous ways you can simplify the costume making process. In addition to taking shortcuts, don't be afraid to ask for help. After all, you want your costume to be noticed at Comic Con this year for all the right reasons and not for the fact that it is falling off of you.