3 Reasons To Read The Books Your Favorite TV Shows Are Based On

It's a common theory that TV shows based off books are much worse than the books. According to these theorists, no one in Hollywood can match the artistry of good novel writing. Or can they? Contrary to this belief, there are actually some excellent TV shows that are based off books. In some cases, the TV shows are just as good as the books. The books are often just as enjoyable to read, especially since many things are different. Whether you agree with the theorists or not, here's a list of three reasons why it's worth reading the books your favorite TV shows are based on:

1. Books and TV Shows Often Do Things Different

Television producers often use a lot of creative freedom when it comes to creating a show based off a book. Oftentimes the show requires certain differences due to technical limitations, etc., but in other cases the producers just wish to change up how a book was written. This can make reading the book and watching the show quite enjoyable, especially if the show is current and you're reading the book at the same time. It's fun comparing and contrasting the many differences you'll see.

2. Time Matters

When it comes to books that were written a long time ago, it can be wise for producers and developers to change up the TV show to ensure that it makes sense for today's audience. This results in many of the changes we see in TV adaptations including casting changes, character changes, setting changes, and time period changes. It's often interesting to read the older book the show is based on to see those original decisions.

3. Backstory is Fun

Reading the book a TV show is based on lets you learn more about each of your favorite characters. Books tend to include a lot more backstory about each character through internal thoughts and additional dialogue. TV shows often have to skip certain scenes due to time constraints. By reading the book, you'll undoubtedly gain additional knowledge about what makes each character tick and why. This can help you understand the TV show better and even appreciate it more.

There are so many great books for TV lovers because the two entertainment forms go hand in hand at times. If you've ever wanted to get into the habit of picking up more novels, reading books that were turned into your favorite TV shows is a great way to start.