Tiresome And Dated Wedding Photography Tricks You Should Avoid

When you look back at your wedding photos, you want to feel like you were a trendsetter. The last thing you want to think is that you were following outdated cliches from several decades ago. There are certain wedding photography mistakes, from terrible poses to silly gimmicks, that are no longer in style. 

Overuse of Photoshop

When selecting a photographer, look at the pictures that the photographer most proudly displays. If the photos seem to rely too much on image editing and special effects, while relying less on naturally capturing your relationship, your photos will likely seem dated in the future. For example, a black and white photograph with a single item colorized, such as an orange flower, is now dated.

Misuse of Special Effects

Avoid using special camera effects unless they serve a specific practical purpose. One example is where a feature is not used as it was originally intended, but is instead used to achieve an artistic effect. The white vignette effect is designed to solve vignette issues, not to arbitrarily remove portions of the wedding photo as a way to crop unnecessary elements out of your shot.

Taking You and Your Partner Out of Focus

Make sure that you and your partner are not blurred out while something else is in focus. For example, you might hold your wedding rings toward the camera, while having your faces blurred in the background. Don't forget that you are the highlight of the wedding.

Separating You and Your Partner

Separating you and your partner in any way can send the wrong signal and can also make the photo seem creepy. For example, if one partner appears to be sneaking behind the other, very few subjects can behave this way without appearing like a stalker. It is better to be in each others arms.

Overly Creative Poses

Do not try to strike unnatural poses. The poses that will be the most meaningful and authentic will be those in which you appear relaxed and comfortable with the love of your life. Elaborate shots that seem creative can later seem silly. Also, to keep the shot natural, try to avoid looking up at the camera. 

In the end, the best results are the ones you are happy with. If you aren't sure about whether you can communicate what you do not want in your wedding photos, provide the wedding photographer with examples of pictures you do not like. This will reduce the risk that you will cringe at what should be happy memories.