Up Your Wedding Game Through Renting

Are you trying to plan a wedding that meets that balancing point between spectacular shindig and something that won't destroy your bank balance? If so, an easy way to increase the sparkle factor of your wedding is to rent some unexpected items. No doubt you know you can rent your dress, your venue, and the tables and chairs, but there are three items that people often don't realize they can rent as well.

Luxury Jewelry

Renting jewelry isn't too unusual, but now you can find companies that rent out luxury items with retail prices far above what most people would be willing to spend. Real diamonds, pearls, sapphires, and other precious stones are available in settings that will make your eyes, not your credit card bill, bulge with surprise. The bride and bridesmaids can deck themselves out in jewelry that you would normally see only in super-rich surroundings.


If you were hoping for a big wedding -- but are finding that you don't know that many people you can stand to be near for several hours or your wedding timing is just off and not many people are RSVPing -- you can actually rent people to show up and fill seats. Companies specializing in crowd rentals can send people to act as distant friends and colleagues who are just so happy for you on your special day.

Paying people to attend, instead of having invited people show up for free, does obviously add some money to your budget, but it can help your wedding day be just as you imagined. As flippant as that sounds, there are people who are really counting on having a lot of attendees at their wedding. If you're one of these people, crowd rentals let you have that wedding.

Your Wedding Cake

Expertly decorated wedding cakes aren't cheap, and many times, a decorated cake in the size you need can be a hefty wedding budget item. However, in many cases, the only cuts made to the cake in front of the guests at a formal wedding are the initial cuts made by the bride and groom. After that, the cake is usually whisked away to be cut up by servers. So, if you want to save some money, you can get a rental wedding cake. These are often not real cakes, but models with some real cake inserted at the edge. So, the happy couple can still make the initial cut, but when the rest of the "cake" is taken away, servers will have a plainer (but still delicious) real cake waiting in the kitchen.

If you'd like to find out about more wedding categories where rentals can help, talk to wedding rental companies in your area, such as Alex Party Supplies. If they can't provide the items themselves, they may know of colleagues and other companies that can.