Learn How To Create A Custom Picture Frame As A Gift For Your Child's Teacher

Finding the perfect gift to give your child's teacher to show him or her how much you appreciate all of the effort that they put forth to teach your child throughout the year is important. Creating a unique gift to give your child's teacher can be a great way to show your appreciation. Use the guide below to learn how to create a custom picture frame for your child's teacher as a gift.

Purchase a Wooden Frame

Visit a local craft store and purchase a plain wooden frame. You want to be sure that the frame is made of unfinished wood so that you can easily attach things to it to customize it. While you are there, you need to also get a glue gun, glue sticks, a box of crayons, and a wooden ruler.

Create the Wording

Determine how wide the frame is using the ruler. Use a small saw to cut the ruler down to the same size as the width of the frame. Use wood glue to attach the ruler to the bottom portion of the front of the frame. On the ruler, write a phrase that lets the teacher know they are great with permanent marker. Consider writing "World's Greatest Teacher", "A+ Teacher", or something else encouraging.

Add the Crayons

Around the edges of the frame, add a few dots of glue using the glue gun and then attach the crayons one-by-one onto the frame. Consider if you want to create a pattern or want the crayons to be randomly placed on the frame before you start gluing them to ensure that you create the look you want. You do not want to remove the crayons once they are stuck because it could break the crayons or the damage the frame.

Add a Unique Picture to the Frame

Finally, you need to print out a picture of your child with your teacher. If you do not have one, you could always ask your teacher to pose for one or ask him or her to send you one through email. Do not let them know what it is for so that they will be surprised when they get it.

Place the frame in a gift bag and tell your child to be very careful with it when he or she takes it to school. Your child's teacher is sure to love receiving a gift that has been custom made just for them.