Wedding Reception Venues: What to Ask First When Trying to Pick One

Searching for a reception venue is one of the most important things you'll do when you're planning the celebration of your wedding vows, and you want to make sure you're making a well-informed choice. There are important questions you will need to ask, and there are some common problems you don't want to overlook. Consider the following things when you start to call around and walk through venues for your reception. 

Is There an Event Coordinator?

You want to know if the manager of the hall is also the event coordinator, or if there is someone that will personally make sure that everything goes as planned for your wedding day. Venues that have someone who is dedicated to making sure everything is ordered, set up, and arranged as you want it are the best for hosting large and important events. There may be a fee for the coordinator's services, but it's worth the extra money.

What Is the Insurance Plan?

Wedding insurance is something that many people get, but you want to know what type of insurance the wedding venue has. If a disaster happens, and the wedding venue burns down, a pipe bursts, or something else comes up that makes the venue unable to host your reception, do they have insurance to refund your money and anything of yours that might have been damaged? Talk to venues like Chez Shari to learn about what kind of insurance options are available.

What Is the Setup for Your Capacity?

You'll also want to know what the venue will look like inside with the table setup for the number of guests you have. If they say they can squeeze it in, or they will just have to move things around, you will want to make sure the space isn't too cramped. Ask them to do a mock table setup for the amount of guests you plan on having on your big day.

Once you've gotten the above information, you'll be able to start asking questions about what is provided with the cost of the venue, what the meal options are, or what foods you can bring in, and you can worry about decorations. You have to make sure the wedding venue will have all the things you need for seating and planning before you start to worry about color schemes and hanging lanterns. Make a checklist for what is the most important to you, and then go through different halls so you can make a decision and start planning your big celebration.