3 Types Of Live Shows That Introduce Children To The World Of Comedy

Live comedy is filled with a lot of unique stories and big laughs. While a majority of stand-up comedians may not feature appropriate language or topics for younger audiences, you can still find plenty of ways to introduce children to comedy at a comedy event theater. As you check out event calendars, look for a wide range of options and ways to showcase live comedy to your kids. 

Each type of show typically features family-friendly versions and you could always ask the comedy theater box office the most appropriate ages for certain shows.

1. Parody Shows

A parody show will take on a popular production and theme and throw a lot of silliness into the plot. Children can laugh along with a wide range of parody shows. For example, you may find a parody show for classic stage shows like the Wizard of Oz or A Christmas Carol.

If a child already loves the original production of the show, then they will get a lot of the laughs that come from the parody show. Before you attend, you could explain what a parody is and how the show will go about creating comedy.

2. Matinee Improv Shows

Improv shows provide the chance to watch some funny interactive comedy. Audience members often get to shout out ideas and contribute to sketches. When you attend an improv show, you can seek out a matinee version of the show. An afternoon show will typically feature more family-friendly content. The comedians will be a little more silly and act out in funny ways.

At a matinee show, you do not have to worry as much about the content and language your child gets exposed to.

3. Magical Comedy Shows

Magic shows off a unique way to blend comedy and live stage performances. Check out a comedy schedule to see what magicians will perform at a comedy event theater. The magician will use sight gags, funny visuals, and stand-up jokes to create a memorable show. Children will enjoy watching the jokes and seeing the tricks.

In some cases, children could get selected to help out with a trick and interact directly with the magician. Every show varies and you could see a wide range of magicians perform at a comedy theater. Just like other shows, check to ensure the magician offers family-friendly content.

If your child enjoys one of the comedy shows, then you could look forward to more shows in the future and create a new family tradition for everyone to follow.

Contact a local comedy theater to learn more.